All lessons are provided by ADI's in morden cars with dual control, All Instructors are from Spark Driving School


LumenArc - projector, lamp, bulb, burner, ballast, reflector, SHP, UHP, NSH, HSCR, P-VIP
Nayla - Jewellery, earings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, studs, bangles, brooches
Driving School in East London 

gCall 07932 944 654 to book lessons School
Call 07932 944 654 to book lessons

Lessons Price For Docklands E14

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Driving Lessons in Dockland E14

£20 an Hour (Pay as you go)
£190 10 hours block booking (Saving £10)
£370 20 hours block booking (savings £30)
£20 pay as you go Automatic ( only in E14 E16 Newham Docklands Redbridge)