Rizwan Khan – Greenwich - London
December 25, 2014 - 16:16

I passed the test due to untiring efforts of my instructor Kobir Miah, who had been very supportive and patient during all the time when I was in the learning phase. I think the key here is that due his patience and helpful nature I was able to clarify and ask the most dumb questions and Kabir always clarified patienty which eventually helped a lot when eventually it mattered. I got in touch with Kobir as four of my friends had also been his students(if I can call them so to say) and all have got their driving license pretty quickly. I must admit that Kobir played a key role in getting me through the driving test and his patient and calm personality makes him customized to be a brilliant driving instructor. I take this opportunity to thank Kobir for making this so easy for me.

Regards, Rizwan Khan


Shahzeb – Barking, East London
November 18, 2014 - 18:59

I have passed my driving test today, first time, due to the extensive and skilled support provided by my instructor Mr Aziz - One of the best instructors within the East London region. I had personally conducted a reasonable about of lessons with Mr Aziz and I thank him for providing me with support and pushing me to become a better driver. I would 100% recommend Mr Aziz as an instructor to individuals at any level; beginners or even more advanced learners. His friendly approach, coupled with his desire to succeed provides the best experience for all his learners. He is one of the strong, technical and professional instructors that East End driving school possess - Be sure to contact him and East End driving school if you wish to succeed in your driving journey.


Anita – London
November 14, 2014 - 13:14

I needed to upgrade my driving licence and passed my driving exam from the first time with only one minor fault thanks to my instructor A-Aziz who was very helpful. I took only 10 hrs with him, but he explained all very well and was very patient and nice. I recommend him to every person who doesn't feel very confident about their abilities to drive. Good luck!